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Picture Name Dealer/Branch Role Certificated
Award History
Mr. Rayan Baptist Dsouza Sitra Branch Senior Sales Executive 1/09/2019 Employee of the Month , September
Picture Name Job Role Certificate License No. Issued
JAYAN ABRAHAM Service Advisor KSAP-MST-19-D02VA-56106 2019/02/27
Karthik Sundara Service Advisor KSAP-MST-19-D02VA-56076 2019/02/26
BYJU MATHEW Service Advisor KSAP-MST-17-D02VA-33049 2017/09/06
SATISH KUMAR Service Advisor KSAP-MST-17-D02VA-25494 2017/05/16
DEEPU THAMBY Service Advisor KSAP-MST-15-115-D02VA.BR001-0003 2015/10/27
SAIBANO GAUNCAR Service Advisor KSAP-MST-15-115-D02VA.BR001-0001 2015/08/12
Picture Name Job Role Certificate License No. Issued
JOBAN GEORGE Master Technician TRP-MST-18-D02VA-39775 2018/02/03
SARITH KC Master Technician TR-MST15-D02VA.BR001-0010 2015/12/16
PRAJOTH KUMAR Master Technician TR-MST15-D02VA.BR001-0006 2015/10/29
GANESH KUMAR Master Technician TR-MST15-D02VA.BR001-0007 2015/10/29
SHANOOJ VK Master Technician TR-MST15-D02VA.BR001-0008 2015/10/29
JIJO ANTONY Master Technician TR-MST15-D02VA.BR001-0004 2015/04/09
SACHIN THETE Master Technician TR-MST15-D02VA.BR001-0005 2015/04/09
RENJITH KUMAR PARTHASARATHI PILLAI Master Technician TR-MST15-D02VA.BR001-0003 2015/04/08
LIBUMON Master Technician TR-MST15-D02VA.BR001-0001 2015/04/01
VINCENT MORAS D33-Service Technician TR-MST14-D02VA.BR001-0001 2014/12/01
VINODAN KOTTAYAN Master Technician TR-MST13-D02VA.BR001-0004 2013/11/15
BIJU PUTHENKUDI KURIAKOSE D33-Service Technician TR-MST13-D02VA.BR001-0003 2013/11/15
RANJITH THARAMBATH D34-Workshop controller TR-MST13-D02VA.BR001-0001 2013/11/15
ARUN DAS Master Technician TR-MST13-D02VA.BR001-0002 2013/11/15
SIVADASAN ATTARIL Master Technician TR-MST10-D02VA.BR001-0005 2010/12/03
BINESH BABU Master Technician TR-MST10-D02VA.BR001-0004 2010/12/03